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Welcome to the USASA Comm Unit, Europe web site.  This site is a collection of email articles written in 2008-10 by Fred Gerstner with the photo contributions, memorabilia, and remembrances of our ASA Frankfurt vets.  It attempts to re-live in words and pictures our time in Frankfurt am Main during the early sixties.


Comm Unit operated the Primary Communications Relay Station known as "Dachsbau" located in Grueneberg Park near the I.G. Farben building.  It was a 24/7 operation with three shifts on and one off. The shifts were called Tricks and were named after the first four letters of the army phonetic alphabet:  Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta.  Each Trick averaged about 50 personnel, primarily with the 723, 272, and 341-5 MOS's.


The following articles start with the formation of Comm Unit in November 1963 and show where we lived, worked, and spent our time in Germany.  I hope you enjoy browsing through what was a formative time for many of us.  My special thanks go to Lester Williams who spent a great deal of time setting up this site.


Fred Gerstner




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